Winter Wonderland


I am so over winter. I hate being cold. And this has been a COLD winter. I mean, I get cold when it gets below 70 degrees so I’ve been freezing since summer ended. 

The girls did enjoy getting out in the snow yesterday. Unlike our last snow day, this was good snowman, snowball making snow. Audrey even made her a bowl of snow cream. She wanted to make it last time but there was too much ice mixed in. 

winter (35 of 35)

With the trees covered in snow it truly did look like a winter wonderland. It was so peaceful outside too. Not a sound. 

winter (34 of 35)

winter (33 of 35)

One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Oooo! Your photos of the snow are beautiful! I bet the girls had fun since it was good snow for packing. You know what. We just got snow last night too. It is pretty…in a cold miserable sort way. Hehee! But I’m just like you. I get so cold so easily. And I hate being cold. I’ve always got slippers and sweatshirts on. And usually a long sweater to go on top . =) Oh, what did you guys use for the snowman’s face? They look like gumdrops. They’re cute!

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