Why Do You Blog?

**posted on September 1, 2005**


For me I am not doing it to see how many hits a day I get.  I am not trying to boost up my ego and I am definitely not trying to tell people how to be the perfect wife and mother (is there even such a thing)

When I first created this blog I had just had Sarah and everyone wanted pictures.  I could not figure out how to send them through my email (I have since figured it out) So I set up the account and sent everyone the link and posted a couple of pictures of the girls.  After a while I started reading some of the blogs and even started to get comments so I would comment back on their blog.  Then something happened that I never thought I would do- I started building friendships with people I had never met before over the internet.  I know more about some of my bloggy friends and *talk* to them more than I do some of my family.

Through many of your blogs I find encouragement daily.  Sometimes just reading and laughing about your hard day makes mine a little easier to bear because I know that I am not the only one out there trying to make a difference in my home.  I find so much encouragement from those of you who have a way with words and when I pull your page up it is like opening the pages of my favorite devotion and at times it was like it was written just for me.

So for me blogging is about friendship.  I laugh when you laugh and hurt when you are hurting.  There have been many a times the girls have come in and thought I had gone mad because I am looking at the computer screen with tears running down my face or because I am laughing hysterically at something you have posted.  There are even times TRINA when I am going on about my business that I think of you running and yelling River ~ that I just give in to the giggles.  Leah, every time I cook chicken now I think of you especially when I am eating it and pulling out all those yucky veins!!!! If you and I ever get the chance to meet, I say we head over to the nearest KFC and see who can eat a chicken leg the fastest (hehe)  Jennifer, I think about you daily and the sacrifice that your family will be making for our country.  I can’t even begin to imagine the emotions that you are going through, just know that you have a lot of us out here in blogland praying for you. Lindsey, it would be a down right shame if we never meet up being as close as we are!!!! Hey can me and the girls come over and play with your slot machine, I’ll bring the sweet tea and I promise NOT to make it with Splenda.

 I could go on and on….so I will leave with these last few words…..

I thank you all my sweet blogging friends for letting me have a little peek into your lives and for all the encouragement and advice that you have given me.

Hope ya’ll have a blessed and wonderful day!

Posted by DandelionSeeds

I love the look of your blog! When I started blogging, it was a way to communicate with other homeschool moms… read a little of their lives and share together. Since then, blogging is no longer just a place for me to meet people, but encourage and be encouraged as well. I’ve learned how powerful it can be when prayer requests are written when someone is in need. My world is not so big anymore, as I get to “know” more people and I’m touched by their lives…

In Him,

Posted by TheStonePile

I agree. My main purpose for my blog has always been to record my thoughts and prayers, for my children to be able to read them someday. Also, it’s been a way to capture moments in their lives. But, along the way, I’ve met so many wonderful women and have been so encouraged by them. It’s been a blessing.
Posted by Tiany

Ditto! My sentiments exactly! I also started blogging as a way to mainly keep the family and friends across the country up to date with the boys but it has evolved into something much bigger and I have been blessed more so by others blogs then blogging on my own for sure!

Posted by Anonymous

I completely agree with you. I have written about this same thing before with very similar thoughts.

Posted by friends4tea

Oh me too!!! When I started blogging it was to learn some html so that I could put together a site for my uncle’s business. Heehee!! I haven’t even tried to create a website for him, poor guy. I’m too busy now catching up on all my precious friends, especially YOU! Isn’t it funny how we can become so connected over the internet eventhough we’ve never really “met”. It is one of my biggest sources of encouragement too. It’s my one outlet and I just love it!

And I have to say I was thinking of you just the other day when we were eatng chicken. I love the white breast meat and we were eating leftovers so all that was left was the dark meat – the wings and the legs – yuck! I was taking forever pulling out the veins and was thinking of you again!! Heeheeeheeee! I hate the veins that pull out like elastic and then break off and ….. okay that’s just too gross….

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