On January 21st Emily turned seventeen. SEVENTEEN! I have been a mom for seventeen years! Oh, my goodness! I’m supposed to still be seventeen!  winter 2016 (19 of 36)

We had a pretty low key day since she had to work and we were expected to get hit with snow. She got up and opened her presents from me, David, Audrey & Sarah then they all headed into work with David.  The staff ended up going out for lunch to celebrate her and another man’s birthday. Her favorite…… Japanese food. I remember being told when the girls were little, the days are long but the years are short. I never realized just how true those words are until this year. Two drivers and the baby just hit double digits. Wow.  24513514331_6d471115fb_z

Emily is not a big cake eater so we got a Baskin-Robbin ice cream cake. I can’t believe how expensive those things are. But after having a slice, worth.every.penny. Yum!  Untitled                           She had to humor her momma and pose for a birthday picture.          

11 thoughts on “Seventeen!

  1. Boo hoo boo hoo, can you hear the tears over here? I can’t believe this child is 17… where has the time went? She is such a beautiful and lovely young lady!!!

  2. Oh, Michelle, your daughter is just beautiful. But 17!? When did that happen? Oh my goodness!! Why must they grow up so fast? I have to say, your photography skills are stellar. I just love seeing all your photos!! Beautiful. Oh, and you have an Erin Condren planner, too! Yay! This is my very first one. I just discovered her planners late last year! I wasn’t sure I would use a planner much but I find myself writing in it all the time now. And I’m always looking for fun pens to use in it. Hehee! And washi tape and stickers and… =) Sending you hugs! ~Leah

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    6. Great question Jackie. This is another big step in getting electric bikes where they need to be, but I would hesitate to buy knowing it might be obsolete in a year when the latest battery technology (or shape) comes in.Is there a plan Brammo? Bravo by the way – nice looking bike, and way to be making something new rather than just ruminating on what should be available.

    7. I’m somewhere in between… I do get excited about it and enjoy the expo, but I usually do one loop through and am in and out pretty quickly. You got some great shots!Laura recently posted..

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