Getting the Blog Back Up and Running :)

12 years ago I started a blog called Raising Little Women where I shared recipes, book reviews, art projects, the daily happenings in our life and pictures, lots of pictures.  As the girls got older I didn’t share much of the going ons in the Tuck house. I just felt like they were not my stories to share anymore. And I didn’t want them to feel embarrassed by something I posted. But here we are a couple years later and I miss blogging, y’all lol so I’ll hop on here from time to time to share things going on with us, recipes, book reviews and product reviews. 







2 thoughts on “Getting the Blog Back Up and Running :)

  1. I remember your blog very well. I definitely I understand. I stopped blogging for the same reasons and then started up again because I miss it, too. I don’t keep up with it like I used to…but it’s fun to have a place to share some things.

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