On Homeschooling

I get asked a lot about homeschooling. How we go about our day, what curriculum we use, what outside activities the girls participate in & if I think I will homeschool until the girls graduate. Those are just a few of the ones that stick out in my mind. 

So, quick post here on our homeschool, Trio Academy ūüôā 

We are very, very relaxed. Like really relaxed. I do not have set hours for the girls to do school. They do not have reports to turn in or science projects to complete. Heck, sometimes I can’t even get these girls to read a book! I imagine some of you are cringing right now. 

We had an episode a couple months ago where one of the big girls had a breakdown over civics. The “teacher” part of me was like, well, sorry you are just going to have to tough it out and try harder. But thankfully, the momma part of me took over and was like, oh well, we can always try again next year. So, civics was taken out of her daily work.  I was so tired of her crying and getting upset over schoolwork. Life it too short! I remember in that moment thinking I’d rather see her smile, be her happy self, laughing and playing, just being a big kid than for her to struggle everyday over something that, come next year, she will have forgotten anyway.  




Art Project: Salt & Watercolors


Sarah enjoyed working on this little project. It is probably one of the easiest, yet messiest, art projects we have done.

Materials needed: 
White school glue
Table Salt 

salt watercolor glue Collage

1. On a piece of construction paper draw a picture with white school glue.
2. Cover glue with salt. Allow to sit for a few minutes. 
3. Be sure entire picture is covered with salt. Pour excess salt into trashcan. Or on the floor as Sarah and I chose to do. This is the messy part. We had salt everywhere.
4. Use a paintbrush to drop watercolor onto the salt and watch it spreads as the salt absorbs the paint.

:: 2013-2014 School Year ::


It’s that time of the year again! We begin our 2013-2014 school year on September 3rd. While we are not overly excited, just yet, to begin, it will be nice to be on some sort of a schedule.

We are going on our last vacation of the season next week. I really hope we have nice weather! I am so tired of rainy, gray days. Goodness.

booksThis year I was able to get most of our curriculum from friends or second hand stores.

Have I mentioned that I now have a high schooler. wow.

9th Grade
Your Teacher Algebra 1 (ibooks)
Glenco Reading Essentials for Biology
Grammar and Writing
Around the World in 180 Days
To Kill a Mockingbird & 24 More Videos
Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods¬†

8th Grade
Teaching Texbooks Pre-Algebra 
America Land That I Love 
Matter & Motion
To Kill a Mockingbird & 24 More Videos 
Grammar and Writing

2nd Grade
Rod & Staff Language Arts
Teaching Textbooks 3rd
Horizons 2nd grade Math 
Beautiful Feet 
Meeting Many People 
Science Experiments in the Kitchen 


Teacher Resources 
The Master Planner
The Check List by Cindy Downes
Easy Peasy
Donna Young




Summer Vacation

summer, summer, summertime time to sit back and unwind

It is that time of¬† year again —-> summer vacation! SO stinkin’ excited that school is over until August.

Three months.

We have lots of fun things planned for the summer. I just have not taken the time to hang our list up yet.
sleepovers, homemade ice cream, summer camp, movie nights, science center & summer movies.
However, the majority of our summer will be spent poolside with a good book.

sarahblogsummer 2010

Emily and Audrey will experience a week of summer camp for the first time in a couple of weeks. They are beyond excited and have already started counting the days.

Another big thing we have going on this summer is the production of Willy Wonka. Originally, I had told the girls no, it would just be too much running here and there. Last minute, like the day of auditions, I changed my mind, and let them try out. Emily is Jamie [a best friend of Charlie] Sarah & Audrey are candy man kids. All three of the girls are in several scenes together, which has made rehearsals a little more bearable, and it is fun to watch them perform on stage at the same time.

header3beachblog header summer 2010

In a couple of weeks David and I will be taking a little mini vacation to celebrate our anniversary. Our anniversary was actually yesterday, seventeen years. Wow. This is our third kid free trip, we miss the girls like crazy but it is nice to sit out on the beach, in the same spot, and not have to get up every five minutes. Or worry that a shark is going to attack them. For real. Stupid Jaws movie.

Emily and Audrey are becoming quiet the little photographers. They both have instagrams and have recently started taking pictures on the Nikon d40. Their pictures turn out amazing. Emily has started learning [by teaching herself] all about Lightroom & Photoshop. Emily has really gotten into it so I created her a blog that will hopefully be up and running pretty soon.