Getting the Blog Back Up and Running :)

12 years ago I started a blog called Raising Little Women where I shared recipes, book reviews, art projects, the daily happenings in our life and pictures, lots of pictures.  As the girls got older I didn’t share much of the going ons in the Tuck house. I just felt like they were not my stories to share anymore. And I didn’t want them to feel embarrassed by something I posted. But here we are a couple years later and I miss blogging, y’all lol so I’ll hop on here from time to time to share things going on with us, recipes, book reviews and product reviews. 







Finally February!

So, the past 2 months have basically sucked. Like bad. Between my back, sickness and hormonal issues I’ve pretty much been home since before Christmas. Part of the time on the couch and part of the time in bed. Today though (finally) I have felt somewhat back to normal. My normal anyway lol 

Needless to say, I am so far behind on my monthly and daily challenges. Instead of moving on to my next challenge I’m gonna redo The Minimalism Game in February. I was able to get rid of a lot of things early on and am excited to get rid of even more. 

I am so ready for warmer weather! We’ve had 2 really good snows so far this winter and they are calling for snow/ice this weekend (sigh) and from what I understand the groundhog saw his shadow today so we have 6 more weeks of winter. 

Just a little reminder to enjoy the every day. Even on those less than perfect days there is so much to be thankful for. 








Day 2/365 & The New Year

I really haven’t set many goals for the year of 2013. Mainly, because come February, I’m like, huh, what resolutions. Ha!

I did set a couple though.

books day 2 (1 of 1)

Day 2/365

To complete the read your bible in a year plan. Emily and Audrey put me to shame! They both read through the entire bible last year and have set a goal to do it again this year.

Read more non-fiction. I have no troubl
e what-so-ever picking up a book and getting lost in a good story. I have spent many a night saying, one more chapter, until …… there are no more chapters. But give me a non-fiction book, and well, I just get lost or fall asleep.

A side note: If you have teenagers you NEED to read The Five Love Languages of Teens. It has really opened my eyes to a lot of things.

Take pictures!And print pictures! Even if it is just a Willow Tree or a stack of books. I’m starting, for like the 5th time, the 365 challenge. I am determined to do it this year. The past couple of years I have become really lazy when it comes to capturing our day to day lives.  I pulled out my Project Life kit last week and basically I completed January.

Spend more time with these crazy kids! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. Audrey turned 12 in August and Emily will be 14 in a couple weeks. We basically have 5 years left preparing these girls for the “real world” and I’ll be honest, it scares me to death.And Sarah, no matter how much I beg her to stay little, wants to grown up.

To make time for David and me. To have more date nights. And just talk. I look so forward to our anniversary trips, that time alone, being us, not mommy and daddy, is just so nice. And relaxing.
And finally, have fun. Be silly. Relax. Stop fretting over the stuff that doesn’t matter and enjoy life.

Randomness on a Friday

  • We took a little mini vacation back in September for David’s birthday. We had a blast! The weather was perfect. The girls enjoyed running around on the beach and jumping the waves. I was in my usual spot looking out for sharks. We met my parents, sister, brother-in-law and the sweetest little three year old niece ever, at Family Kingdom.

beach trip sept 2012-2767

beach trip sept 2012-2912

beach trip sept 2012-2873
beach trip sept 2012-2890
beach trip sept 2012-2893

  • We got a late start on school this year and are still playing catch up. It has not helped matters that my back has gone out twice, had a kidney stone and then an infection from said kidney stone. We added a new language arts program, Grammar and Writing, as well as a new history, Around the World in 180 days. So far we are really enjoying both. This year has been a little different, in a good way, since the girls are older. On days where things go as planned, we all start out at the table then I give Emily and Audrey their lessons and send them on their way. Sarah and I have a little more time to spend working together. She is such a little eager learner. Right now my main focus with her is reading. One area I hope to improve in is arts and crafts. I was looking for a picture the other day and ran across a ton of pictures of craft and art projects the girls have completed over the years.

Nov 2012 (1 of 3)
Nov 2012 (2 of 3)

  • Leave it to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show & The Cosby Show have got to be the best sitcoms ever. The girls have really gotten into Leave it to Beaver these past couple of weeks. We’ve already watched every Dick Van Dyke & Cosby Show episode on Netflix. Maybe even twice. But no matter how many times you watch them they are just as funny. I Love Lucy is my all time favorite and I’m waiting not so patiently for Amazon Prime to add new episodes.



  • I’m hoping to create our fall list of things to do today. I’ve been putting it off and if I don’t get started on it soon we will be doing our list through December. I have a board set up on Pinterest but each time I hop on I start looking at yummy recipes, photography tips and exercise stuff {like I’m ever gonna do that mess ha!}and before I know it is almost time to make out a winter list.