Art Project: Salt & Watercolors


Sarah enjoyed working on this little project. It is probably one of the easiest, yet messiest, art projects we have done.

Materials needed: 
White school glue
Table Salt 

salt watercolor glue Collage

1. On a piece of construction paper draw a picture with white school glue.
2. Cover glue with salt. Allow to sit for a few minutes. 
3. Be sure entire picture is covered with salt. Pour excess salt into trashcan. Or on the floor as Sarah and I chose to do. This is the messy part. We had salt everywhere.
4. Use a paintbrush to drop watercolor onto the salt and watch it spreads as the salt absorbs the paint.

One thought on “Art Project: Salt & Watercolors

  1. I’m SO going to do this today! We have been having the worst homeschool days ever. Won’t go into detail here, but it has been exhausting and frustrating. Maybe a project like this will add a little joy back into our day today. Hugs!! Leah

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