The Facts:

the names Michelle.
i was born in 1973
graduated in 1991
started dating my guy in 1992
married in 1995
had our first baby girl in 1999
middle girl in 2000
and baby girl in 2005
before having the girls, we decided i would stay home and school them.
it is the hardest and most challenging thing i have ever done.

I am a lover of many things …… cherry dr.pepper, lip gloss, ice cream, music, watching the ocean, talking on the phone, movies that make you cry, chocolate, flip flops, candles, sour patch kids, candy corn, sleep, t-shirts & skirts. Sweet tea is my favorite. My favorite scent is lemon verbena.

Now, here are some things I don’t like …….. germs, raw meat, bugs, snakes, too tight shoes, lima beans, seafood, scary movies, hot weather, cold weather, barney, swamp people, billy the exterminator, blue tooth things, mean people, public restrooms, people who talk on cell phones in line, puzzles, animals, root beer, stretch marks, swimming in the ocean & tennis shoes. Meat of any kind grosses me out {so, I eat the fake stuff}

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